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Federal Republic of Conghuay Common Elections

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by RustyToaster, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. RustyToaster

    RustyToaster Citizen

    Mar 23, 2018
    Nation in TCB:
    "As we stand here today, people are revolting and protesting due to the amount of corruption in the Conservative Party of Conghuay which is currently ruling the country. They are calling for elections and if the Conservative Party does not issue elections, the riots will keep happening." says KJL reporter Sarah Kulonhag,
    as citizens are protesting in front of the government headquarters.

    "If the elections do happen, we promise to bring back the greatness of Conghuay" states Alecs Tiplea, current Leader of the Communist Party in Conghuay "We will make this country free of corruption, with everyone getting a fair share of money, and a house for the homeless. we will rebuild the military and make new alliances within the region of The Communist Bloc, ensuring safety and integrity throughout our rule"

    *the elections happen, over the course of 4 weeks and 3 days*

    "The last day of voting for the elections was yesterday" says reporter Natim Jahnugo. "We are waiting for the results of them, all of us hoping for the best in this country"

    *results come out, showing 76% against 23% for the Communist Party*

    "We are here in the dear Capital of our country, Johngayn, where peoplea are out in the streets cheering, as new Leader of The Federal Republic of Conghuay, Alecs Tiplea, gives a speech.
    "First of all, thank you for the votes we got from our dear Nation, we will bring greatness to this country once more, and keep it this way"

    *People cheer as the day ends, with the acknowledgement that their country is no longer corrupt, and the corrupt ministers and ambassadors are in jail*
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  2. Vanguardian

    Vanguardian Citizen

    Feb 13, 2018
    Nation in TCB:
    ***Incoming encrypted radio signal***

    Dear Comrades of the nation Conghuay

    I, the leader of The Peoples Vanguard, would like to congratulate your people on overthrowing their oppressors. The Peoples Vanguard would like to offer any assistance your nation may need in these early chaotic times. Our nation has plenty to trade; weapons and tech, medical supplies, building materials, mining & tunneling equipment, just send a telegram with requests and more details.

    May your people enjoy and safeguard their new found freedoms.

    *There is a hiss of static before the signal is lost*

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