Executive Logo
The Kiryu Administration

General Secretary: Martyn Kiryu
Premier: Marcella Cheval

Foreign Affairs: An Xiu
Domestic Affairs: Micha
Culture: Tarrin Kael
Defense: Trabardia

Founded: December 29th, 2013
People's Republic Established: September 26th, 2015

Regional Discord Chat: Click Here!
Population: 924
30 Day Change: -11%
WA Delegate: Kethania/Micha
Endorsements: 252
Endorsement Rate: 71.25%


NS Region Page

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The Legislative Branch

Central Committee of TCB

Premier: Marcella Cheval (TBC) (PP)

Glorious Leader (PP)
Vlad Schpilkes (PP)
M.M. (PP)
Dimitry Cárdenas (PP)
Tarrin Kael (Ind.)
An Xiu (Ind.)


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